Supervision and support for therapist

Supervision and support for therapists

Music therapy and other art therapies

In the contemporary landscape, where concerns and values evolve, music therapy and art therapy resonate perfectly with the spirit of our time. Their ability to promote mental and emotional well-being naturally aligns with the needs of a society increasingly aware of the importance of mental health. Their use of non-invasive resources and their potential to encourage creativity and individual expression place them at the heart of a modern approach to health and well-being. In this context, the future of music therapy and art therapy seems promising, offering therapeutic pathways that are respectful of our era while addressing the fundamental needs of human beings.

Supervision of music therapists and art therapists.

Supervision for therapists

Supervision or guidance by a recognized music therapist with extensive field experience, as well as in pedagogy and research, provides valuable support to avoid pitfalls such as burnout and repeated failures in the profession.

Their diverse expertise enables them to offer fresh insights into the therapist’s work, providing wise advice for balanced and sustainable practice while enriching therapeutic approaches.

Personalized support for your success.

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