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As a multi-instrumentalist musician since childhood, I began my career as a Biology teacher. Exceptional circumstances sensitized me to the issue of disability and led me to resume studies in Medical Sciences at Ulg as well as music at the Conservatory.

I am indeed convinced that music stimulates new neural connections in children with disabilities.

Under the tutelage of Lisette Chantraine, harmony professor at the Conservatoire of Liège, I became a Composer registered with Sabam while continuing my studies in Music Therapy in France with Gérard Ducourneau.

After obtaining this certification, I was published in the book ‘Music Therapy and Psychomusical Animation in Specialized School Environments.’

Driven by a passion for the study of neurology and human behavior, I pursued training in Psychotherapy, notably in Transactional Analysis with various instructors including Jacqueline Goossens.

Simultaneously, I composed dozens of pieces of music, including therapeutic music to regulate heart rhythm. I named this innovative method applied to music composition ‘Slash Technique.’

Shortly thereafter, I became a music therapy trainer in Belgium and France, and I chose to enroll in Psychopathology courses at Ulg with Professor Marc Ansseaux, where I earned certification with distinction. I also joined the team of Professors Faymonville & Vanhaudenhuyse as a faculty collaborator in the School of Medicine and participated, among other things, in several studies evaluating the effectiveness of music therapy for the Interdisciplinary Algology Center of the University Hospital of Liège.

In this context, I composed seven long-duration CDs based on the hypnosis texts of Professor Faymonville, where my Slash Technique proved useful. These music pieces will be the subject of published international studies. Additionally, I passed a Psychopathology exam at Ulg with distinction.

Subsequently, I became a member of the Research Group at the GIGA Consciousness of the University.

A few years later, through HEPL, I established a music therapy training program based on French, English, and American university curricula. The program rapidly expanded and is now recognized at the Bachelor level by ARES. It currently employs nine trainers.

As I near the end of my career, I possess significant expertise in numerous fields, but my passion for this discipline remains unwavering.

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Alain Collinet

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