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Compositions Slash Method

On this page, you’ll find an overview of compositions using the Slash technique, specially created at the request of Professor Marie-Elisabeth Faymonville for a comparative study on various approaches used at the Interdisciplinary Center of the University Hospital of Liège. Several studies examining these music compositions and their effects have been conducted since. You can find these studies on the Publications page and the description of the Slash technique, along with some details on the theory surrounding the creation of these musical works, on the Slash Technique page.

Compositions Slash Method : Therapeutic Music

Discover an effective sonic exploration for various conditions (sleep, anxiety, etc.).

With over 60 instrumental compositions to my credit, along with expertise in traditional music composition and computer-assisted music (CAM), I offer a unique approach where tempo and note count undergo simultaneous reduction to match our biorhythms. A synthesis of creativity, musical knowledge, sound physics, and human physiology, I invite you to explore my “Slash Techniques”. This technique is explained on the page that bears its name.

Inspired by metaphors from Professor Faymonville’s seven hypnoses and imbued with profound intentions, these musical compositions offer a captivating or soothing experience, but are primarily built on a specific technique that has already been the subject of several studies in the scientific community.

Listening to musical excerpts is still under construction. Feel free to contact me directly.

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Musical Hypnosedation Compositions with the Slash Technique from the University Hospital of Liège

These original compositions, based on Professor Marie-Elisabeth Faymonville’s 7 verbal hypnoses, are no longer under exclusive license for the University Hospital of Liège. They are therefore available. To learn more, see my “pricing” page.

Soothing White Clouds

CD Soothing white clouds Alain Collinet for Liège CHU
Soothing White Clouds

The first hypnosis by Professor Faymonville has been transformed into a musical composition, ensuring once again to scrupulously respect her metaphors, intentions, and duration, while applying the type A Slash technique.

This musical composition is primarily based on sensations. It is especially suitable for a calm hypnosedation inducing “letting go” and lasts just over 17 minutes.

Genre: Music Therapy – Polyinstrumental

Haven of Peace

CD Haven Of Peace of Alain Collinet for Liège CHU
Haven of Peace

The second hypnosis by Professor Faymonville transformed into a musical composition with scrupulous respect for her metaphors, intentions, and duration, here lasting over 18 minutes while applying type A Slash technique.

Encouragement of escape and defocusing.

Genre: Music Therapy – Polyinstrumental – Classical Orchestral Base

Path to dreams

CD Path to dreams of Alain Collinet for Liège CHU
Path to dreams

Derived from the hypnosis “Dreamland,” this original musical composition with type B Slash technique is the most commonly used to promote sleep. With a duration of over 28 minutes, it descends to a very low tempo without repetition. This creation, rich in intentions and metaphors, respects the lowering of our biorhythms. It conveys soothing musical messages, disconnecting from everyday worries, and facilitates falling asleep in adults with sleep disorders. It is also suitable for children.

Genre: Music Therapy – Polyinstrumental

Wading Colours

CD Wading Colours of Alain Collinet for Liège CHU
Wading Colours

The piece “Douleur Couleur” is a musical composition inspired by Professor Faymonville’s Fourth hypnosis. It extends over a duration of 16 minutes, meticulously respecting her metaphors, intentions, and type A Slash technique.

It is also suitable for children.

Genre: Music Therapy – Polyinstrumental – Unprocessed Natural Voices

Tune Collection

CD Tune Collection of Alain Collinet for Liège CHU
Tune Collection

Derived from Professor Faymonville’s hypnosis “Analgesia in gloves,” this original musical composition with type A Slash technique, lasting over 22 minutes, contains numerous different metaphors and musical variations in all styles around the theme.

It is also suitable for children.

Genre: Music Therapy – Polyinstrumental

Journey Skywards

CD Journey Skywards of Alain Collinet for Liège CHU

Jourrney Skyward

Inspired by the beautiful text of Professor Faymonville, entitled “Traveling Light,” I was led to create a 20-minute musical composition employing type A Slash technique.

The metaphors present in the text are of remarkable depth, and they are felt in an intuitive manner. This composition stands out for the well-being that ensues, offering a profound and immersive musical experience. This piece is one of the most striking musical compositions I have created, with special effects designed specifically to amplify the lightness evoked in the original text.

Genre: Music Therapy – Polyinstrumental – Electric Guitars

Keep Evolving

CD Keep Evolving of Alain Collinet for Liège CHU

Keep Evolving

Lasting 20 minutes, this musical composition with type A Slash technique originates from Professor Faymonville’s hypnosis “Stories and Metaphors”. Translating verbal metaphors into musical metaphors is a highly complex exercise that led me to incorporate as many musical genres as metaphors. On this soothing composition, the non-verbal intervention of singer Martine Hovent’s voice adds additional richness through accentuation.

Genre: Music Therapy – Polyinstrumental – Lyric Singer

Old compositions available with the Slash technique"

Braking train

CD Braking Train of Alain Collinet

Braking Train. The first one in 1995!

In the depths of the night, a mysterious sound emerges, evoking the sinister braking of a train slowing down until it comes to a stop in an ethereal silence. This captivating moment, typical of the New Age genre, is meticulously crafted by the hypnotic harmonies of a synthesizer, weaving a sonic landscape imbued with mystery and contemplation.

Genre: Music Therapy – Synthesizers

Night tempo

CD Night tempo of Alain Collinet
Night tempo.  

In contrast to the first one, the second is all about gentleness, with a Slash technique applied to glockenspiels evoking mobiles placed above babies’ cribs. Recently, its duration has been extended by one minute to a three-minute delay to facilitate falling asleep.

Particularly suitable for children, this enveloping composition creates a soothing environment conducive to sleep.

Genre: Music Therapy – Synthesizers

Walking to Siddharma

CD : Walking to Siddharma music by Alain Collinet

Walking to Siddharma

“Walking to Siddharma” is a musical composition that transcends the turmoil and violence of our time. This work invites an inner journey, taking the listener far above modern conflicts and tensions. The piece begins with delicate and soothing melodies, creating an atmosphere of serenity and contemplation. Over time, an orchestral crescendo rises, adding layers of richness and depth to the sound, while maintaining a sense of calm and fullness.

This carefully constructed musical progression guides the mind through enchanting soundscapes, evoking images of peace and tranquility. “Walking to Siddharma” proves to be the ideal companion for a guided relaxation session, providing a sonic backdrop conducive to meditation and deep relaxation.


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