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Discover a non-exhaustive list of my professional services. Each represents a specialization acquired over 35 years of experience. Also collaborates with general practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, and hospitals.

lassical Music Therapy Consultations

No prior musical knowledge required. Implementation of academic techniques based on scientific research.

Prices : relaxation wellness

Relaxations through various techniques

There are different relaxation techniques, ranging from Schultz’s Autogenic Training to G.I.M.

mental health follow up girl in reflexion

"Psychological follow-up

You need additional support. Follow-up care is offered for specific issues in collaboration with professionals.

Prices : Woman hearing Slash method composition

Slash Method

A specific method applied to original compositions based on the hypnoses of Professor M. E. Faymonville. Effective against sleep disorders, etc.

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Therapeutic approaches fully aligned with the ecology of the era.

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