Customized Traning

Customized Training

The offered training programs are all derived from university curricula..

Welcome to our music therapy training program, where it’s possible to unlock some of the secrets surrounding the power of music. We offer a diverse range of music therapy training courses designed to meet the individual needs of our students.

We understand that each student has unique expectations and specific goals in music therapy. That’s why we offer customized training tailored to each professional path. Whether you want to gain general knowledge or delve into specific aspects of music therapy, our flexible program will meet your needs.

Our training can be either general or specialized, depending on your preferences and professional aspirations. You have the freedom to choose the content that interests you most and personalize your training accordingly.

To ensure an optimal learning experience, we offer various training modes: group sessions or individual sessions where we accompany you every step of the way. We provide in-person training, where you can benefit from total immersion in the field of music therapy, as well as distance learning, with online sessions and occasional meetings for practical fieldwork.

With extensive experience in teaching music therapy in groups, individually, and remotely, I have witnessed the transformative impact it has on students.

Group Training

Courses - Training for groups

Group Training at Higher Education Institution or On-Site: The Province of Liège, in collaboration with HEPL and CECOTEPE, offers a certified postgraduate training in music therapy at its higher education training center Forma+. 

This comprehensive program, spanning over 150 hours spread across 2 academic years, is officially recognized by ARES, an organization under the authority of the French Community of Belgium (CFWB). The training is open to professionals holding a Bachelor’s degree in certain fields only. For more information and to enroll, please contact the secretariat:


Tel: 04 279 74 32 

Attention: The courses are currently full, and waiting lists are being formed.

Group training sessions can also be organized at your site

Individual In-person Training

Courses : Individual training

Individual In-person Training: Individual in-person training caters to two types of audiences: those with a more fragmented educational background who wish to deepen specific points, and those with variable schedules who cannot attend regular classes. 

This type of training offers a personalized and flexible approach that adapts to the needs and rhythms of each learner. It includes personalized guidance, allowing the trainer to be available to support and guide you throughout your learning journey. 

Progression at your own pace is another aspect, where you define the objectives and the pace of the training yourself. 

Flexibility in class schedules, adapted to your availability, is also provided. Lastly, in-depth learning is emphasized, where you have the time to ask questions and delve into the topics that interest you the most.

Remote Individual Training

Customized training :Online courses

Individual Remote Training: They are based on the same characteristics as in-person training. Various software options such as Zoom, Teams, Lifesize, etc., provide tailored technical support, ensuring that you can attend a course tailored to your needs with the same theoretical presentations. 

Occasional meetings allow for hands-on experience with techniques. On-site accommodation may be available.

Train in Therapeutic Techniques

Combat Anxiety and Sleep Disorders :

to create effective therapeutic montages to combat anxiety and sleep disorders. Our training programs provide you with the skills necessary to create compositions that soothe the mind and promote restorative sleep.

Discover Psycho-musical Relaxation :

the art of psychomusical relaxation montages. These innovative techniques combine music and relaxation to offer a deeply calming experience, ideal for reducing stress and improving overall well-being.

Create Various Therapeutic Montages :

different techniques of therapeutic composition. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, our training programs are designed to help you create montages tailored to various therapeutic needs, allowing you to offer personalized support to those in need.


Personalized support for your success.

“To learn is to have a project, it’s to envision oneself differently in the future.” 

Philippe Meirieu

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