Courses -Training in music therapy

Various types of training are offered. They all stem from university programs

Training in music therapy:

As a trainer recognized by the CFWB since 1990, I have extensive experience in pedagogy and music therapy. Here are some proposals:

A comprehensive and rigorous program

Music therapy is a fascinating discipline that combines the power of music with psychological and therapeutic benefits. Training in music therapy involves developing solid knowledge in various areas such as music, psychology, psychopathology, medical sciences, ethnomusicology, specific music therapy techniques, and international models.

A long-term commitment

Becoming a music therapist is not just about undergoing a simple training. It is a long-term commitment that requires deep personal involvement and a constant willingness to learn and evolve. Our training program is designed to accompany you on this rewarding journey, providing you with the tools and knowledge necessary to become a proficient music therapist.

A stepping stone to an exciting career

Music therapy opens the door to a multitude of professional opportunities. You can work in hospitals, specialized institutions, private practices, or in the fields of education or culture.

Music therapy: a profession that resonates with the future.

Courses - Training for groups

Group training

Whether it’s at a university, in-person group, or remotely.

Courses : Individual training

Individual training

ndividual in-person training to acquire basics or specialization.

Online courses

Individual distance learning

Remote training with occasional scheduled meetings for practical sessions.

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