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The Slash Method: A Novel Approach to Music Composition

The Slash Method, an innovative approach to music composition, emerged unexpectedly during my journey as a composer and musician, immersed in the world of recording studios. In 1995, I discovered this unique method that relies on the gradual decrease in tempo and the reduction of the number of musical interventions throughout the development of a musical composition. Its impact on physical and mental well-being was a revelation to me.

The essence of the Slash Technique lies in its ability to manipulate tempo in a progressive and regular manner, as well as the number of notes played. Unlike traditional musical structures, where tempo usually remains constant, my method introduces a subtle and continuous variation, creating a captivating hypnotic effect.

When I presented this technique to a wider audience, the reactions were unanimous. Listeners immediately noticed a change in their breathing rhythm, a sense of calm invading their bodies, and a general feeling of appeasement settling in.It was not just a mental reaction, but a deep physiological response to the music unfolding before them. Less inclined to move, they let themselves be carried away by the sound waves, immersing themselves in a state of torpor.

The impact of my technique goes beyond simply listening to music. Many have reported that this music has the power to help them fall asleep more easily, offering a natural lullaby to soothe the restless mind and invite the body to rest gently. It was registered with Sabam in February 1995 during a composition called “Braking Train” where it is exposed.

Thus, the Slash Technique transcends the boundaries of conventional music to become a form of artistic expression that deeply touches our inner being. It reminds me of the immeasurable power of music on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and invites me to continue exploring new sonic horizons to nourish our soul.

Over time, new parameters have been added, and the technique has evolved into a set of techniques all based on the same model.

Studied by a group of researchers at GIGA, the results have been published and the method adopted in several departments of the CHU de Liège, and then abroad.

Slash Method: Effects on Well-being

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Effects on Well-being: The Slash Technique

The Slash Technique offers an innovative approach to promoting relaxation and soothing. It provides beneficial effects on breathing rhythm, muscle relaxation, and stress reduction. Moreover, it conveys musical metaphors and intention,amplifying its potential to induce sleep.

Group and Private Use

The Slash Technique is employed in group sessions at the CHU de Liège’s interdisciplinary pain management department and is also utilized in private settings. I have personally witnessed numerous instances where music incorporating the Slash Technique has had a profound impact on individuals.

Anecdotal Evidence

For instance, one woman quickly fell asleep while listening to one of my Slash Technique compositions at low volume during her nap. Another elderly gentleman, who experienced frequent nighttime awakenings, fell back asleep each time he listened to another composition featuring the technique. Furthermore, a young child who struggled to fall asleep drifted off to sleep upon the first listen.

Scientific Research

Studies have been published in PLOS ONE, and additional research is ongoing, further substantiating the benefits of the Slash Technique.


Slash Method : Chronic Pain, Anxiety, and Mood

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Impact on Chronic Pain Perception, Anxiety, and Mood: The Slash Technique

The Slash Technique transcends a mere musical experience; it also offers remarkable potential in various therapeutic contexts. Among these applications, chronic pain management, anxiety reduction, and mood enhancement are areas where this musical method can play a significant role.

Modulating the Nervous System and Promoting Endorphin Release

By modulating the nervous system and promoting the release of endorphins, this music can provide natural and non-invasive relief. It fosters tranquility by helping to calm a restless mind through a focus on the music, which can be used as an effective tool in anxiety management strategies.

Enhancing Mood through Emotional States

Finally, mood is profoundly influenced by the music we listen to. The Slash Technique, with its slow and soothing rhythm, can act as a catalyst to induce positive emotional states such as tranquility and serenity.

Slash Method : Indications Overview

Applications and Benefits of the Slash Technique

The Slash Technique, a unique approach to music composition, has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in various fields,including:

Medical Settings

  • Pain Management (Algology): The technique’s calming and hypnotic qualities effectively alleviate pain symptoms, promoting relaxation and reducing the perception of pain intensity.

  • Sleep Disorders: The music’s ability to induce deeper, more restful sleep can break the cycle of sleep disturbances,allowing for better pain management and enhanced overall well-being.

  • Palliative Care: The technique’s soothing and comforting effect can provide emotional support and alleviate anxiety and stress for patients facing life-limiting illnesses.

  • Intensive Care: The music’s ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress can be beneficial for patients in intensive care units, potentially improving their recovery process and overall well-being.

  • Perinatology: The technique’s calming effect can help reduce anxiety and stress during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care, promoting a more positive and supportive experience for both mothers and babies.

Psychotherapeutic Settings

  • Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: The music’s ability to induce relaxation, reduce stress hormones, and promote a sense of tranquility can be a valuable tool in managing stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.

  • Mood Disorders: The technique’s ability to promote positive emotional states, such as tranquility and serenity, can be beneficial for individuals struggling with mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder or seasonal affective disorder.

Psychosocial Settings

  • Social Maladjustment and Conflicts: The technique’s calming and stress-reducing effects can help individuals manage social maladjustment and conflicts, promoting better communication and emotional regulation skills.

  • Difficulty Tolerating Incarceration: The music’s ability to induce relaxation and reduce stress can be beneficial for individuals struggling to adjust to the challenges of incarceration, potentially reducing anxiety and promoting emotional well-being.

Long-Term Effects

  • Reduced Antidepressant Use: Studies have shown that the Slash Technique can potentially reduce the need for antidepressant medication in some individuals, offering a non-pharmacological approach to managing mood disorders.


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