Service Offerings

Detail of the services offered

Discover a non-exhaustive list of my professional services. Each represents a specialization acquired over 35 years of experience. Also collaborate with general practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, and hospitals

Music therapy consultation

No knowledge of music is required. Use of academic techniques based on  research

Prices : relaxation wellness

Relaxation through various techniques

Ranging from Schultz’s Autogenic Training to Lucid Dreaming or GIM.

mental health follow up girl in reflexion

Psychological follow-up

Follow-up is offered for very specific disorders in collaboration 

Courses - Training for groups

Group training

Whether it’s a university, an in-person group, or a remote one.

Courses : Individual training

Individual training

Individual in-person training to acquire fundamentals or specialization.

Online courses

Remote individual training

Distance learning with occasional appointments for practical sessions

Prices of a therapist supervision

Supervision and support for therapists

Supervision and mentoring of young therapists using all kind of arts using the non verbal.

Prices : Woman hearing Slash method composition

Slash Method

A method applied to original compositions. Effective against sleep disorders,

Prices for purchasing therapeutic music

To buy therapeutic music

It is now possible to purchase usage licenses for compositions used at the University Hospital of Liège.

Information available on the Rates and Contact pages.

Therapeutic forms fully in line with the ecology of the time.

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